'Your face, Lord, do I seek.’ Hide not your face from me.

Psalm 27:8-9

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When we think about encounters with God, they might seem sudden, accidental, or at least out of our control. We're just living life, and then suddenly, we're struck by a moment of awe or changed by a Spirit-initiated epiphany. While encounters with God can certainly occur when we least expect them, we will more likely experience God in new and exciting ways if we deliberately seek out such an encounter. Like David, we can set our hearts on seeing His face.

Biblical encounters with God are oftern associated with mountaintop experiences. As such, they follow a trajectory: Ascent, Encounter, Descent. These three aspects of encounter are represented in the three distinct sections of this devotional booklet. The first section, Ascent, will prepare your heart for the encounter experience. The Encounter section will guide you into a personal retreat with God. The last section, Descent, will transition you off the mountain and back into life with lasting change.

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Encounter is available in 3 formats: softcover, ebook, and full color hardcover.
All three are available on amazon.ca

  • Encounter Softcover (Recommended): $4.99 CAD This is the best option as it has space for note taking and is easy to carry around.

  • Encounter Ebook: $2.99 CAD (or free if individuals have Kindle Unlimited) Not as good for note taking. Really only for people who love to read on a Kindle.

  • Encounter Hardcover: $33.34 CAD This is a deluxe full color version for super fans.