We are a group of diverse people from around the world but share one common trend in our love for Jesus Christ.  We have the privilege to share our lives, our stories, our pain, and our victories with each other as we journey together. Our times together usually involve some food, fun, friendships, and are seasoned with spiritual discussions. We don't just take care of each other, we care about the well-being of others and want to make a difference with our lives for God. Our combined talents are used to serve one another, the Church, and needs of our community. We are the Singles Ministry!

Survive Revive, Thrive

If you're feeling defeated, alone, or just need some hope in your faith, please take the time to watch the entire video. Especially the commentary at the end by Christopher Stringer.


<<<<<<<JANUARY 2023>>>>>>>

13TH Friday Night Devo - 2nd Cup @ Unity SQR 7pm

21ST Saturday Night Google Meet Activity 7pm

27TH Friday Night Movie Night Potluck Devo @ Bennys 7:30pm

<<<<<<<FEBRUARY 2023>>>>>>>

11TH 8PM Hangout Activity

20TH Monday Family Day

24TH to 26TH Frozen Chosen in Red Deer's Pine Lake Christian Camp

Men & Youth Boys Weekend Retreat

<<<<<<<MARCH 2023>>>>>>>

10TH 8PM Hangout Activity

31ST 7PM Movie Night Potluck

<<<<<<<APRIL 2023>>>>>>>

7TH Good Friday

9TH Easter Sunday

10TH Easter Monday

<<<<<<<MAY 2023>>>>>>>

22TH Victoria Day

<<<<<<<JUNE 2023>>>>>>>

10TH Singles Devotional Potluck

30TH Singles Friday Night Movie Potluck

<<<<<<<JULY 2023>>>>>>>

1ST Saturday Canada Day BBQ Picnic

<<<<<<<AUGUST 2023>>>>>>>

11TH Friday Night Devotional 

26TH Saturday Movie Night Potluck

<<<<<<<SEPTEMBER 2023>>>>>>>

4TH Monday Labour Day Fireworks

<<<<<<<OCTOBER 2023>>>>>>>

9TH Monday Thanksgiving

<<<<<<<NOVEMBER 2023>>>>>>>

11TH Saturday Onzie Day / Remembrance Day